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Remarks in eulogy of the late Dr. Campbell were made by Drs.
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It appears to be satisfactorily established that this fly
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casioned is favourable to the production of scurvy. It is there
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In rare instances this condition becomes a true psychosis in which the
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Treatment Rest the affected part wear flannel next to the skin
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change takes place only to a slight extent if at all
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to a deficient amount of urea and uric acid and a small
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A New Telephone. There has been recently exhibited to the
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of different races and of that were exclusively German all
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According to the doctrine of chances the larger the
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tartar emetic was omitted and effervescing draughts prescribed.
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President Medical Board St. Luke s Hospital Chicago .
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Relapse. Between the twelfth and twentieth days from the beginning of
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local physician control is absolute in the MSO model. You
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cences its existence if such a state can be called existence is
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Dr. Charles H. Ford late House Surgeon of the United
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grayish red smooth roimd cords. During the following thirteen
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happens that just at this period the seeds of future
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That the popular sentiment should prevail that the human
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tions and consisted exclusively of organic substances musk
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tify the sight by strengthening the nerves are good for
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upon the height of reaction was exerted by the degree of seed
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an Office of Rehabilitation in the Bureau of Medicine
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cases as a rule the reduction is only temporary the temperature return
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significant disturbance of tne stomach a slight vomiting or a moder
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genous acid nitrogen of all these substances fed was per cent.
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the aorta without including or injuring any other part. It was also ascertained
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owning arthritic heredity in very varying degree or may grow
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occupation necessitating the frequent use of the reflex of accommodation
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is not necessary in every case but also to prevent motion
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become swollen and painful and look hard and black.

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