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modate childbirth whereas the only requirements for
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of analysis. Forensic science data are also shown to
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tion of the evidence. For example suppose that some
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ment between the assailant and the victim. According
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third of that of the United States but still higher than in
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heart valve prostheses. The foreign material may re
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the column of explosive insensitive even to a booster.
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dogs are of three basic types crush wounds puncture
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can also be used for cases that could not have been
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are. That is not an easy task. The key components we
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clothing should include general descriptions of any
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car accident that occurred after a tire ruptured. The
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the writing the copyist must stop frequently to check
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quently contaminate all evidence packages placed on
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determine the statistical improbability of this particu
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marcation between the practice of forensic psycholo
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ible. The processed images are viewed through special
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fraction than infrared radiation. Visible spectroscopy
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of interventional medical practice. In forensic pathol
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violent recidivism were identified using actuarial
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bloody footprint. The second suspect s foot impres
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at least a basic knowledge of the chemical structure of
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essential factor in the quality assurance of medical
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In shots fired at an acute angle the entrance in bone is
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In the Henry System sets of fingerprints were given
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cation for the identification of legal documents in
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cocaine will pass from blood to the nasal secretions
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Jackson G and Cook R 1986 The significance of fibers
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ing to a bleeding diathesis. Therefore DIG may pres
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varied in order to effect a separation. The ability to
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of all these products and for the identification of

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