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or the lower limbs — any part below the umbilicus, in fact

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The facility and success of the operation stimulated Mr. Laurence to inquire

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are seized, without warning and without fever, with facial neuralgia, which

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more complex when local anesthetics are combined with

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is operated on and the disease removed (all that we

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2 Revue Internationale d'filectrotherapie et Radiotherapie, July

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having received the suggestion from an enterprising

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No late hours or weekends, low-stress position. Salary $65.00/

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of the atrophic form of chronic interstitial nephri-

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gions comprehends the country south of a line drawn from the eastern shore

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sion in the Treatment of Fractures of the Femur. By John H. Packard,


tTnlversity Medical College, St. Louis, held its annual

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