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only 7. The quarterly average number of deaths from phthisis
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incidental to certain occupations, is sufficient to give rise to tuberculous
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Urethra, rupture of in the female, instrument for, 192
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Contains the Essential Elements of the Animal Organization — Potash and Lime ;
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be "not promptly effected, the patient will fall into the collapsed state.
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occasion delirium or blunt the perceptions of the patient, and from the
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rooms. Lead' may be introduced through the stomach in various articles
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agreement in the cases in which medicinal measures were employed. The
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passes through the heart in three minutes and a half. The jet
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Hypophosphites, with Fowler's Solution, the vegetable bitter
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and Wheat, consisting of Dextrin, Maltose, Albuminates, and Salts.

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