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obtained by washing treated bacteria may have been more apparent

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INDICATIONS. Amenorrhea Dysmenorrhea Leucorrhea Frolapsus Uteri Sterility to Pre

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syringe the same volume of water gave thirty drops. Hence

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Getting Professor J. M. Thermometrical observations of 7 i L33 2

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frequently suffered from swellings and abscess formations in the

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October 4th I again saw the child by accident. She was looking

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not for their contraction because this can be and is effected with

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cordingly two cases presented themselves both had passed into

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fication and this ossification cause the inflammation and consequent obliter

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when we reflect on the very extraordinary effect produced by

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shown that wood is by far the better substance for retaining the

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short broken hairs are seen to stand up like bristles. Generally

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checks their endeavor on every hand and generally compels

fixation of a bone or joint

no one will deny as does also cardiac neuralgia of the same

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Analysis of the Hydrant Water of Augusta passing through

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twice in at least 40 times the amount of isotonic salt solution this

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surface of a poultice and this applied over the diseased point.

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this simple rule many persons have arrived at conclusions unfa

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preparations to make children sleep as nearly all of these

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any lesion which pointed to a proliferation of cells.

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the white of egg with a little cold water and add to the

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It is unnecessary to comment upon the effects which such cir

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itself thwarted on almost every side the baffled spirit ceases to

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of its being one of extremely comminuted and of compound na

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Joint involvement occurred only once in all the animals inoculated.

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trophy of the heart obliterative fibrous pericarditis fibrous pleuritis.

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has reason to believe that she cannot bear a child she becomes

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patient and must be responsible for the consequences. Down

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may become tearful irritable and gloomy. These choreic

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bed who anxiously watched his opportunity seized these two

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Were we to adopt this method we might by selecting particular

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cases small sacs are found in the course of the round ligaments

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tion applied to the lower part of the large intestines purgatives

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many properties described as characteristic are really of the same

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The first case which came under my observation in which the

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Table 6 A to L shows the results of differential counts of Gram

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of 1908 I began at the suggestion of Dr. Jordan the experimental

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I hope the cultivators of the science who have kindly received my former

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almost immediately ejected. I suggested buttermilk in teaspoon

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manifests a tendency to return. With this plan of treatment

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sition of the mixed fecal flora especially in its dry substance content.

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of the heart now so often met with are occasioned by protracted

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with the ease and efficacy attending its application. Although

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forms viz. catarrhal aphthous ulcerative parasitic

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as it may be divided without other injury than withholding a

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fragments of the ruptured capsule of the parent organism. X500.

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increase in the activity of the patient s leukocytes in the patient s

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But the frequently peculiar character which our summer and

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they are not diflFerentiated at all with iron hematoxylin but with

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dnring the process. For example if a mixtare be made

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of the tube beautiful small splendent yellow crystals.

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ters one or other of these according to the w r ell established

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case. The answer to this argument is simply that the

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seen ordinary abrasion of the lips and cheeks creating great

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bacterial suspension in the Petri dish covered and thoroughly mixt

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mation. In an autopsy made upon a woman by stealth at night

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tations will hereafter appear in the treatment of the disease. But previously

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fecting the reduction after the failure of every other means.

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After the cicatrization the D gt ctor administered anti syphilitics to

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their judgment and gave it as my opinion that there was not

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cating disease embodies all of truth and science in remedial

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should be urged forward with the utmost caution lest by sud

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increasing quantities have not produced any demonstrable opsonin

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Philadelphia is astonishingly great 1 in 11 whereas that of the

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pieces of pasture land in the Middle West remain to this day fenced

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may find an adequate explanation in a chronic hypostatic congestion.

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tered areas of bronchopneumonia portions cut from congested areas float. No

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at least in giving the maximimi acidity and in my experiments

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was about three years old she was observed one night rubbing

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feces of fecal dry substance and of nitrogen for the eight day period

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into exactly the same place some variation from this source as regards

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a good stock of confidence. Thus Diophantos the young son

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tear their way into the muscular tissues of their host.

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the Indictment Conviction and other matters of record togeth

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minutes the spasm was relieved and respiration became easy and

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inspection of the throat at once reveals the cause although there

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boiling water. Cover and stand on the back part of the

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The author of the Trent bestows onc fourlh of it on the

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longed congestions it would be necessary in addition to use

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any thing into his stomach even the smallest quantity of drink

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the secretions its use is indicated in a wide range of diseases.

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of a fetal mal development of lymphoid tissue throughout the body.

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tainly the grouping of hundreds of individuals and especially

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for some time bui just as he was about to succeed he perceived

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result that fearing some source of error had crept into the

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effect the dilatation M. Verneuil employed specula of different

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which made a strong impression on my mind. I repeat it again

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the notions that formerly prevailed. One very prolific source of

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existed upon the surface of the bodies of hystero epileptics which

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shoulder is a symptom of hepatitis and only to be relieved by

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until its contractions could be distinctly perceived to return with

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pupil in cases of cataract is almost universal and although this

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He considered that in these and such cases the uterine irritation

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the cerebral substance being contained in the residue of the fluid. From the

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agination is needed to perceive not only the probability of such

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Again in a case of common Pleurisy arising in a northern

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obstinate attacks have yielded to this treatment only.

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along the artery which feels rather hard and tense. The skin

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not exempt from them at night but they were nearly always

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direct facts and reasoning that rheumatism is of spinal origin.

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occurred twice in the same individual. The types of sporogenic

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be borne in mind in keeping these animals for experimental purposes.

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rose and remained high. The patient s serum had no bacteriohlic

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within the cells variations which arise between the offspring of one

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against the finger with a kind of vibratory motion and more

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had used had given her only temporary benefit if any at all and

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tablishes itself. The most urgent symptoms are an overpower

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cuanha exhibited occasionally may be useful. They are not prescribed here

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chest walls on both sides flat health and digestion feeble such

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the last few years. The operation is an important one and has

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a knee joint and those structures examined at various periods later.

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urine scalding at first very copious and turbid afterwards

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of consumption and of bilious fever during the same period. It

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could part with none but Hygiene. If compelled to lessen the number of

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cording to the disease in question and the part affected and here

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ing ambition overlaps itself has led him far very far into ul

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Respiration may also be impeded by the diminution of the

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same direction and to a similar extent so that the practical gauging

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I gland supposed to be a wen she soon after married

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relates an occurrence which fell under his own observation A cow

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supposed to depend on debility or relaxation of the intestinal exhalents. It

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stances as well as in regard to antibodies in general. Hamilton s

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nation of excitement and afflux of blood to the organs whose func

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potassium. If I am not very much mistaken there often remains

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richness as a nutritive food or per centage of active Diastase.

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trious Bichat that if the mouth of an excretory duct be irritated

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serious cause such as absence of the biliary duct or

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