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bulk}" coin of the iron age, much too heavy for the conven-

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microbe, and this fact is now taken as a starting point for a n^w

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tion there was no jnis present and apparently all diseased

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the year- It is undoubtedly the only course to follow,

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fond— but the wound did not entirely close, so Mr. Thompson

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Liquores, solutions, are solutions of non-volatile substances in

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a change of tension of the spring as a third aid in obtaining a record in a particularly

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paratively small the sight test conducted without glasses

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there are no germs to be killed ; consequently I do not

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lowing pericarditis, and from the abundant deposit of fat upon the exterior

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on Wednesday evening-, August 10, at the usual place.

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more or less nystagmus. Lesions of the structures connected with the

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ing a period of thirteen years. They were minutely described,

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of wine and malt liquors, to high living in other respects, and to indul-

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ments being open to all qualified practitioners, and no

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isinglass i oz. ; sugar of lead i oz. ; salt of sorrel J oz. ; boil

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a Babesia. Yersin and Vassal, in 1908, succeeded in communicating the

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groups of vessels, and to what Unna calls the "vascular cones" and

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Whisky Germs in Milk. — The theory that germs of an

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local extravagance." This protest is signed by Bishop

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most usually willing to throw off hard and unpleasant

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methods are not so convincing that we need hesitate for a moment

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riage. He then states the clinical results of the artificial

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trolled the hyperthyroidism as by operative interference. In

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the other 15 feet, each above the level of the bottom

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looks as though it had been reddened with a strong mustard plaster,

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by 1,340 in England and in in Scotland, from which the revenue benefits to the

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incision into the abscess. A broad, blunt retractor is

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I shall here beg le-ave to notice a mistfike which seems to have

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E. External Treatment. — Strong rubbing of the whole spine

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always* been believed to correspond closely with Athene.

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other hand, forty-three per cent, of the vaccinated were

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stones, the removal of them with temporary external drain-

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upon the pubes, distinct pulsation was observed. It

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