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comparison. In a vertical wipe one face passes lat

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was appointed professor of the subject at Eairfield

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or polyvinylidine bags to retain any flammable liquid

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on the significance of the autopsy findings and to fail

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rivatives of the natural cellulose polymer in which

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of forensic pathologists. Cause may be related to acci

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in developed countries. Deaths of particular medico

does prednisone increase heart rate in dogs

Uchiyama T 1992 The probability of corresponding striae

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Chloride of Lime. VhlontmUd Lime is a more correct name for

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sions. Attention is given to the fact that there is a

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ANTHROPOLOGY Bone Pathology and Antemortem Trauma in Forensic Cases 223

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RFLP or PCR at least two exclusions are required by

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that these instruments will replace the traditional

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leaving slight random streaks or gauge variations in

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be accelerated by an increase in temperature. Thus a

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sequent use in court. A number of recognized copying

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introduction of foreign biological material after the

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trade but also of stored value. Thus today due to the

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though a significant research and applied interest in

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blood drop is deposited on to a surface that does not

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lighter refill. Sample preparation internal standard solution

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the outline of the skull and the face Figs 9 and 10. If

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postmortem blood. Journal of Forensic Sciences 44 231.

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cases of second postmortem examination particularly

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pieue of ice be taken iutu hin mouth every k minutet and swallowed

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