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From the foregoing statistics, it is evident that the
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mon an occurrence as to warrant the conclusion that
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as to the selection of the proper time for the operation
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Commissioners intend to circulate general copies of the
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extent took place, but slie soon got belter and went to
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" About two years ago, an old patient of his (Dr. S.'s)
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advantages attaching to the military rank with wliich it
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the word implying a recognition of results without offer-
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about two or three years. It was not painful, and had
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holds a daily clinic. The building has room for about
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other persons; consequently it behoves those persons to
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be sufficient to allege and show that such person was
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in character, and correct in its chemical elements. Exer-
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Mr. J. E. Erichsen, Mr. W. Fergusson, Dr. A. L. Fisher,
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arm slightly. The skin was perspiring; the tongue had
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read, " analogous to our Society for the Protection
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the ward, but was very feeble, occasionally shivered, and
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hackneyed, croaking, and ill-omened phraseology about
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possible facility is given to the public, and that revaccina-
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ovary there was a small rudimentary cyst. The bladder
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and planted with ornamental trees and shrubbery. Each
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ness, the true explanation is, that the cognate faculties
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ciple are founded two operations ; one, practised by Sig-
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ceive bequests ; namely, to St. George's Hospital, il'-iOO ;
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there are only two tests of cure — either finding the
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a pint, at least, of pus taken away. A good poultice
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Lumley, Bartholomus, Corbridge, Northumberland: June 4, 1861
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knowledged, a certain amount of credit and confidence
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is Sir Robert Peel should have forgotten the odious-
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tal emotion or bodily disturbance, or even by the act
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puration has extended so near tlie surface of the liver as
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cardamoms, and ammonia, for the aged and enfeebled.
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smaller air-tubes impassably choked up with a troth,
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the door should be opened wide, if you desire fully to
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description of the operations for radical cure ; but,
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The Proprietor would susrgest the fr.llov.ing dpsi^nat'on in the writing of Prescriptions, should a preference
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emesis had thoroughly cleansed the stomach, the skin
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sons whose calling does not bring them into direct con-
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health of Garibaldi gives great anxiety to all his friends.
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heere, who has inquired into the subject at the in-
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employed, there is still a consideration of the highest
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sion into a medical sptcialty, no doubt many medical
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is impracticable, consider the possibility of the operation
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of a licensed house which requires greater care than the
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form passed off", occasionally violently delii-ious, con-
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COMMUNICATIONS have been received from :— Dr. Thos. Kino

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