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no good effects ; and blisters applied to the throat did not arrest its progress. Moxa,

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State Medical Society of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri will meet in Chicago

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ences governing an outbreak of epidemic puerperal fever, we

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are the extreme activity of the pigment in the parasite

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cuniary remuneration for medicine given and time spent in nursing,

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peritoneum, detach this membrau€ from the margin of

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Clinically, the resemblance of the present case to descriptions of

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liquors makes no particular difference. Neither is it of import-

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involve fluid, electrolytes, and selected nutrients, such as

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like the one just noted made him desirous of further information.

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on February 16, 1912. He had noticed a hard lump on the right side

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there was no such behaviour, though there were recurrences in 1893 and 1902.

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the third and fourth days by the state of the vesicles, some of which

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doubled up in an unnatural position, part of the clothing may l^

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Cosmetics, Powder, Rouge, etc. — Scorn everything of

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in the gums, and some of the teeth loose, they ought to be extracted, for they are

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The cerebral hemispheres are the highest and most exten-

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diabetic consequently would have the value of only 2,663 — 574 =2,089

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tirely to lesions of the central nervous system in cutaneous diseases.

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no bills to collect, no obstetric cases. Beginning sal-

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(advanced stage) ; the main en grifle, with shrunken muscles and drawn

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type were meant those cases that commenced in a distinctly

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and, so far from entering into a contest with the sphincter, the

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rpeltfonVnsi his o>>nenh-Vo tixMip6n"-them fir^"ch«l|^ m S^^-

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Dumnikoller. Wclinschr. f. Tbierh. u. A'iehzucht, Augs-

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that were visited at regular intervals. Thirdly, the treatment

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usually had several small dejections towards night,

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trichinosis Staubli also found a very high percentage of eosinophiles. In animal

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a somewhat different aspect, and the colonies on the

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our forefathers were quite as well able to treat them as we are. Indeed,

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indications, from the examination of the urine, of chronic

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Chalmers, in a valedictory address, on resigning his office as

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antrum, the history of the case, and the uniform enlargements

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To a process similar to that described by Dr. Frerichs

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ing the contagious property or capability of yellow

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mena : The red corpuscles began by presenting little shining points,

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peritoneum, the intestines, the pelvis and its contents, appeared

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