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whole lumen ; the leucocytes in increasing number approach the vessel
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remarks, that we have a letter, addressed to a board of overseers of a
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quently over the road, and carefully examined the objects on both sides,
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may also be through the spermatic fluid. Maternal transmission is
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Numerous methods of local treatment have been recommended at
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opportunity to make the experiment of inoculation upon myself.
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his admirers, a numerous body in this country, that they can procure what
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Virchow an account is given of his doctrine of Fever ; then follow the
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brought about by a process of intracellular digestion, removal by extru-
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town of 15,000 inhabitants. The mean temperature is 46*4°. Colorado
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infiltrate the follicular apparatus undergo necrosis or fatty degeneration,
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Finely Granular Basopliile. — Spherical; smallest of the wandering cells ; tri-
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ceding cases ; and instead of losing one half the integuments of the
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bim. He seems almost to tell you, by bis actions, that bis stomach is
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of the voice is changed it is called paraphonia, of which hoarseness is
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densely packed. This is accompanied by a yet greater proliferation of
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increased or decreased. The vomiting produced by emetics, and the
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seems to be transparent, when upon pressure by the finger on the sur-
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Eberth (1880) discovered a peculiar bacillus in the organs of persons
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other hand, when she drew back from me with a sudden start and corn-
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dence that tlie infection was conveyed by an enema syringe ; the en-
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the stools may sometimes show the presence of tubercle bacilli, and
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Infection, Contagion, and Predisposition: — 28. Wolters. Centrahl. f. B. u. P. xiii.
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general circulations, protects the body from the influence of toxic sub-
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Buda-Pesth, 1894. — 6. Welch. Trans, of Assoc, of American Phys. 1895, vol. x. —
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1 Put ten grains of powflered chlorate of potash into a pint bottle, and add half a drachm
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showing great vascular congestion, chiefly venous. The liver was found
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capable, it may be, of unlimited reproduction within the diseased body ;
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manner as to produce the agents which set up the symptoms in these
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nearly every case. This rule of prognosis should therefore not be
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fingers of one hand; kneading movements, chiefly with the heel and
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split up as to form a neutral fat. We know that muscle fibres, when
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chemical combinations varying qualitatively and quantitatively with
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pp. 150-157. — 25. Salus. Arch. f. Hyg. xix. i.—'IG. Sanarelli. Pasteur's Annates,
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the resisting strength of the tissues ; and the treatment resolves itself
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V hydrotherapie sur le nombre des globules rouge du sang. Paris, 1878. — 30. Virchow.
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repair is effected. All means are employed to antagonise the irritant and
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