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was of a reddish tinge. We made the bowel fast by sutures attached

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dentlyrely upon the generous appreciation of our member.s, and which we

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very existence ; for, sanctioned as they have been by annual meeting

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Council had not their expenses paid, and yet they came ; and the busi-

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scribed by Hallier being certainly not confined to such stools. 4. The

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worth more elaborate statement and discussion. Cases are frequently

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prostration more marked, and an alarming tendency to die became

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natural agency. It might be objected that the forcible propulsion of

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General's Supplement to his Tweiitv-fi/lh Annual Report a standard

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MONDAY.— Medical Society of London, 8 p.m. Mr. J. D. Hill, " Primar>- Exci-

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one real actual portal — is obtained. A good real and practical portal

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Gooding, Dr. Thorowgood, Dr. Clapton, Mr. Lockhart, Dr. Purvis,

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results an accumulation of water in the system — a condition which is

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able interest and importance. It deals with the recent epidemics of re-

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escaped me in any case in which it had appreciably existed. If it had

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finger to pass ; the segments of the valve were agglutinated, and the

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the American civil war in the years 1862 to 1864. Much fear was felt

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play was ever entertained, of that we are certain ; and hence we have

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Mr. A\'heelhouse then performed Amussat's operation of Colotomy

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in this connection of one of the soundest and most competent of British

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against fraudulent registration and the assumption of medical titles.

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be carried off? Who and where are the bearers who have been trained

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denying work will be before you. But let not this discourage you. It

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hoa.xing. Under any circumstances, we would advise Dr. Dr>*sdale not to rest

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