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also cases in which every portion of the body, including

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fore, in replying to his remarks ; because, probably

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The effect of the chlorate of potassium is partly a general and partly a

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an immense thickening of the bladder wall from hyperplasia, conjoined with

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ized by the presence in the peripheral blood of malignant

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latter. In the former, also, the hygrometrical constitution of the atmosphere,

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graine. Aversion to food, and even nausea, may occur early in the attack,

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to be a rise of temperature. There are epidemics in which this may

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ensembleiq ceo

tailed account of the study of the production of an

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for such medical attendance out of the servant's wages,

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in attendance, including the wives and daughters of a number

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His genial manner made many sterling friends who mourn his

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gurgling or splashing sound may be heard on auscultation, and

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that the effects of these agents differ under different circum-

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coronary vessel was cut. The artery was tied, and the

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cases, should not be regarded too seriously when dealing

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Genus 11: Phoniomyia: Distinguished from Wyeomyia — (1) By

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tamination of milk, particularly with typhoid fever and scarlet fever. Per-

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cells, one of a somewhat regular oval outline, the other quite irregular in con-

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infection passes off, the temperature falls, the parasites

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extremely important in judging the progress of the case.

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acute form of the complaint, than generally occurs.

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the possibiliiy of extraction. In cases where the deceased fang remains

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Committee on Publication — Dr. B. K. Hays, Oxford; Dr. Charles S. Man-

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moisture. A thrombus is brittle and dry as compared with a clot. In

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distension of these cavities with gas proceeds from the equally sudden re-

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Kelly, A.M., M.D. With 909 illustrations, radiograms, drawings, and

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proportion of cases, and then it is common to call the aflection sick headache.

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sion rates, based upon monthly admissions for 1898 and 1918, may be

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