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in many cases, their fearfully injurious effects; for although various

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India for a simple Medical manual for the use of officers

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three cases, in one of which neuro-paralytic keratitis

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gentle repression, in restoring comparative tranquillity to the patient,

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fection. He was seen in the latter part of February, 1902, in a typical

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tered at every step among the inhabitants of malarial regions. Oc-

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large. As all the nutritive functions are connected with one another,

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with large experience in this disease is dependent upon

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freezing of the tissue, the disturbance of functions varies

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The anatomy of the exanthematous lesions in hemorrhagic variola is

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because all of us have seen them. We see those cases where

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ances are more intensified and the tumor becomes variable

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of tuberculosis and favors the formation of fibrous connective tissue,

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bones of the skull. — Clarus and Radius's Journal, 3 Band.

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works as that of Adolph Hencke,^ 1821, and that of C.

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Treatment of the Complications. — In cases complicated by diabetes the

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been discharged the service at that post [Louisville, Kentucky] who

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art from any stimulus from the auricle. Very fre<|uently in bradycardia only

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errors of technic tliat are responsible for failure to obtain

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ed, so as not to use the same article too long at a time.

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Confirmation of the vicAvs expressed above as to the

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mind, that tlie question immediately sugi^ests itself, have we not here a

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1890 TiiAXE, Edgar Herbert, M.D., Wagga-Waggii, New South Wales.

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chology as other classes, and is very likely to follow

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for Opium-Morphine Addiction, which eliminates Suffering and Craving

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whether with the lotions of alcohol or of carbolic acid applied several

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himself what risk he ventures by doing so. If there is nothing real except

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child at this moment felt a little pain, but it passed away in a

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of chronic interstitial nephritis, while Ramon Guiteras disadvises

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neoplasms, particularly tubercle or cancer. Compression from without,

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clouds, warmed by the sun, under the same conditions

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Chrtneappif No. 6> 7th day, pain nerve tranamiaaion of firat degree double flue.

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was lost. The spinal column was deviated to the right in the dorsal region.

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to the age of six months, 41 per cent, were unvaccinated. The

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round spots, or small mottled patches of a whitish colour, scattered

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the subject, M. Marotte has established that vomiting, diarrhoea, and delirium,

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sinus more caution is to be observed. These may be opened

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If. W, aged 53. The puffy and anremic state of the face

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combining the bladder and rectum into one common recept-

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leading to serious damage to the muscle. With this combination of

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son, and of Blair and Davy, to the same effect, is also absolutely une-

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In severe cases petechias may be seen on the mucous membranes and on

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the decomposing material of night-soil and the like, does produce

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that is necessary, the gap resulting from straightening being

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development in the spinal cord, it has also been observed that the cere-

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