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tions with very little reduction in culprit identifica
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ationally it is also necessary to have some indication
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farming is very unproductive of healthy life. TAe naturaJ. fam of
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claims have emerged that it is possible to determine
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elderly people the concentrations may be relatively
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date usually sample through either washing or wiping
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will have to be examined closely for further evidence
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were selected for assessment at specified locations.
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of NAI. Such injury occurs in one of two ways either
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breed and size of dog the animal is able to exert a
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As a result of the wide controversy on the reliability
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will contain impressions of all the characters struck by
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the hypothesized search area can be seen in Fig. 1. The
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words the pellet pattern in the final target may appear
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sic chemistry has diminished over the years with the
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tion of explicit acoustic phonetic events and basic
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the comparison of a set of specimen signatures with
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crime scene investigator. This is one of the functions of
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too easy to alter to be used as a primary criterion for
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camera with a telephoto lens. It is also possible that
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tioner establishes a robust set of criteria to follow is
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rendering an opinion concerning the genetic testing
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pam have been investigated. S P ratios were typically
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skull photo superimposition because a facial photo
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to focus on personality behavior and broader social
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directions of the rays will immediately reveal the true
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be marked as well as the container. It may be appro

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