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posteritv anvthing left but a certain small hope to add

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or direction made by the State veterinary surgeon, or deputy, or deputy sheep

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Caution —Faulty and even dangerous imitations of our Aspirators and Atomizers having

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the Board of Health for the better accommodation of

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needs but little of the noxious poison — for such it is in these cases —

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bedtime, dosage should be increased gradually (given in divided

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was a tumour in the chest, and the patient stated that his father died

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generally dependent upon secondary pneumonic and pleuritic

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ena of life, if made to do so. Were atoms alive they

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or jury, as to his views. Another noteworthy characteristic was the candour

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accommodation, a ratio of one to about 2,1^00 cases. This is the

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any ol)servatioii tending to recogni/.e the dine.'iMe, eit-

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him to call in a physician. Examination revealed an

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ted and broken bones ! Is not that wonderful 1 Who ever supposed be-

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I promised myself that I would try and report a case or

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corrected any tendency towards constipation. He occasion-

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Dr. O. E. Sarff, urology; and Dr. F. T. Becker, derma-

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cases are not uncommonly in this condition when they are first

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occupy an intermedials position, the salts of the urine va-

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Eau d'Ambre. — Tincture of musk-seed, 1 lb., essence of

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such persons sometimes carrying diphtheria bacilli in their throats for days

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That many of the recorded cases are not syphilitic there can be little

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der normal conditions the initial dilatation of an acting gland may be

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omitted for a space of seven and one-half hours, after which time it

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and in the course of pneumonia after acute diseases. We can only mention

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fources ; as acrid bile ; different kinds of faburra j

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