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have seen that one of the most important parts of the

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salting out procedure for extracting DNA from human

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Bayes factor is a ratio of probability density func

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separate beings. The interval between fertilization

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ceived attractiveness of the defendant can lead to a

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children and adolescents. Journal of Affective Disorders

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late molecule. Therefore aspirin itself will not pro

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the appropriate laboratory staff is essential in order

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eral test firings or by simply taking the upper and the

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each case which can be ascertained by careful trial. Those whose

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field is about to begin. On track 1 it signals the end of

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Figure 1 Causal network of nodes in the fictitious exampie. A

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The cells are obtained through a variety of sampling

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differential extraction of sperm and vaginal epithelial

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forensic anthropologist for analysis. Unfortunately

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between the class wear and individual characteristics

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the reagents used may have contaminants which yield

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exiting projectile is low the wound it leaves behind

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of these documents are still too easy to counterfeit

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may be deposited on victims clothing if the handgun is dis

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data were collected from the Homicide Investigating

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Figure 17 The Effect of alteration in an implement s angle

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occasionally physical developer. Other types of con

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and not infrequently the driver is able to pull the car

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