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local anesthetic before injuring or mutilating them
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will also influence the sensitivity and selectivity to
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seeking possible points of entry to establish whether
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requires a great deal of experience and logical rea
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skin of variable depth resulting from contact with a
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usually confined to the precordial region and or the
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Butanone metabolite isobutane 2 butanol metabolite propane
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Crystal tests derive their name from the fact that the
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tive value. This too permits a ruling that the evidence
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develop fingerprints. Little information is available
such as the propelling charge of a small arms bullet
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heavily on the skills of linguists in determining parts
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thickly wiU Simple Cerate. It will heal in a few days.
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the reagent mixture so that the particles are tempo
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Table 5 Summary of the metabolism of some solvents and other volatile substances
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false positives. Drugs that are smoked like cannabis.
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with a drop of saline plus a cover slip and examined
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transferring an impression to a lifting film that pro
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Imperfections of this nature are random in nature and
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of predilection include the corpus callosum the par
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spot juvenile striae or stretch marks and the marks

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