What Is Diltiazem

It generally comes on suddenly sometimes with a slight chill or

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it is unnecessary^ to postulate an increased j^roduction of uric acid,

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to a very remote period of antiquity, much further indeed than that

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c. If the urine now becomes sugar-free, a progressively increasing

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lent remedy in these cases. It may be given as follows :

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struggle for a specific prize much time and labor which

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always been accused of producing gloomy results in gouty subjects.

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It is well to bear in mind that syphilis causes disturbances of the

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lecture on the Objects and Natttre of Medical Science,

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crystalhne uric acid are not fully known. Klemperer assigns much impor-

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it. Any functional or organic disease of the various organs is likely

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to allow of any definite conclusion being drawn from their occurrence.

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of the breast and abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks, and hot foot-,

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tonics are indicated. In headache of this variety the phosphates are

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Bartels* saw but two instances in 1000 cases. The renal symptoms ma^

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tion. But the sebaceous glands of the skin are also overactive, and

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formed, than we can have increased formation of urea or increased

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long after the albumin has finally disappeared (Rosenstein).

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Why such causes should occasion pruritus in one and not in

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diseases, so we may hope that the intelligence and enterprise of our

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any given disease. But equally must it be borne in mind that such

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V. — Ingrowing Nail or Onyxis. VI. — Chilblains.

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and several hours after to recognize the track of his master. The

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and water — as the only liquids that are fitted for the harmless irriga-

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a swelling of this region, which swelling gradually disappears and is

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No more pitiable object can be imagined than the victim of chronic

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hyperglycsemic state and glycosuria corresponding closely to what is

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or who are otherwise unfitted for the dangers and hardships of cer-

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diseases dependent upon obesity, and exercise a favorable proj^hy-

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nomena of articular inflammation and intestinal disorder are so inti-

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The fatty calculi have usually been coated with a layer of earthy phosphates.

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generation to generation. It is noticeable, however, that hereditary

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weakness and inherent improbability imparted to his theory by their

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is going on too rapidly, the amount of food should be diminished,

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