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internally or externally, and small doses of digitalis or strophanthus
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November 18: Developed a discharge from eyes and nose; very sick past week;
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newly-developed zeal for the study of dermatology, but, like all that
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(Kaernten, the Austrian St. Moritz), Pyrawarth (Lower Austria), and
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Strychnine hypodermically is a wise addition when employing chloral.
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apparently changed the human into the bovine, and those by
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stomach. [The same dose of cod-liver oil or balsam of tolu may
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resis. [An effort should be made to provide fluid enough to cause about
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well as an occasional organism it appeared that they had not lost
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strikingly and more quickly away from home and its frequent misguided
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Ziegler of Freiburg, under the direction of Professor Hegar. It was
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their complete extirpation do we see a release of pain and other symptoms
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the skin outside. The number of leeches used at one time varies from
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found to be algoid cells of the palmelloid type producing several
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thrix and found them positive in dilutions of i : 160 and i : 200 respectively.
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age weight doing very hard work needs 120-130 G. (4r-4V2 oz.) of pro-
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hosiery." Sudden changes of temperature are the great source of
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from the trunk ; and (2d), Because the wound is apparently
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patients of this type can take a small amount of beer, ^-% L. (%-l pt.).
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contrary to reason — that is to say, to truth and morality, without
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her considerable pain and inconvenience. On examination, I found
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also, bicarbonate of soda retards the change of glycogen into sugar and
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giving a pleasant sensation of tingling. As examples of such springs
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November 13: Tumor at site of inoculation; water}- discharge from eyes; killed
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1-2-3 tablespoonfuls of the former with 30-^0 drops of wine of colchicum
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the tongue. She had suffered from diarrhoea in the mornings for
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thus separates the muscle fibres, leaving the latter more accessible to the
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Phelps, E. B., 1909. "The Disinfection of Sewage and Sewage Filter Effluents, with
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of cholera is not continuously progressive, as it would be were
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rectangular tank and the hquefaction of the deposited solids is
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5. Opsonic experiments are of considerable value, especially
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was raised by a 4X6 Warren duplex pump, and roughly settled by
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(rarely) lithium iodide, may be given in this way. The daily dose should
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this, with the ergot, \yas repeated at intervals for three or four days ;

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