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ble virus characterized by a prolonged incubation to

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the standing committees of the society on membership and finance

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cies of this disease. When the eruption consists of minute

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all persons without medical knowledge when they undertake to give

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fore expressed by the same individual and if mental phenomena

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the pharynx tonsils and palate in the early stage of the disease and

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race have these investigations closed this region of research

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j El Paso TX Director of Student Health Center for the

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difficulty in forcing its blood through this narrow orifice and

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other day alternating adding grams of potato or grams of

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The mother on being informed that the child was deformed immediately

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When bleeding is employed its effects should be carefully watched.

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may yield a count of cells whereas a section two or three

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only after this susceptibiUty had been determined by inocula

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spinal disease or where growths aflect the nerves at or near their exit

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Chronic catarrh of the vagina and permanent sterility are fre

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We observe that Dr Power in his chapter on the Heart has

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rises higher posteriorly. In moderate effusions the level of

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ternal haemorrhoids cause a great deal of irritation. In persons of a

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mild and valuable preparation which may be very useful

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This salt from its greater solubility commends itself above the

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its privation and previous disease mental depression presentiment of

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the night the catheter became clogged interfering with the discharge

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during the fever and try to keep the heat value of the food

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sand gravel sticks or dirt getting into the cleft of

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A Case of Typhlitis Perityphlitis etc. by Drs. Bowers

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body with plaster bandage from this mould a plaster

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provided that the patient use a cooling and thickening diet

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In asing the following cases to illustrate my views I writo

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the use of ergot which is occasionally unavoidable. The

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a flap. Assisted by Dr. Ay nne I amputated the leg two inches

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