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Dr Moir was remembered late in life by his patients as having a

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lean strongly to the surgical side, and not delay until some of the

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At that time the habit was formed of taking one-half

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reassuming the revolutionary character. The Commonwealth had

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a tube ; she vomited afterwards. Next day she took equal parts of milk

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iron internally, and cod-liver oil externally. The sul-

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ing a clear, saponaceous, frothy liquid. It is more powerful as a

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Db. a. H. Fbbtbero reported on a male, aged 22, of good

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form of air-wafted sporules, and he is quite familiar with the

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be uttered against too rigorous a rest and dietetic treatment being

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of rheumatism is not that of scrofula, nor that of tubercu-

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dry forms. On inspection, however, the distinction between

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one tenth of an inch in length — of what is described hy ento-

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tion of the membrana tympani and the tympanic cavity serve to guide

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deal of abuse is being uttered over the conduct of the

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below the tip there was some swelling and redness, but no tenderness

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All communications regarding papers, reports, etc., should

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insignificant to the case which is before you. Senn

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he further alludes to it, under the heading of " A class of cases

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would take any kind of a dish, fill it with water, and try to

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most important signs, and it alone, in the absence of other causes for

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It would appear, then, that Mr. Erichsen's experience, and

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five or six small openings that communicate with the abscess

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last two instances. As a matter of fact, opium and chloral lower the blood pres-

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the body unhampered and performing their normal functions. After

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L. M. (Rotunda, Dublin) ; with an introduction by Pro-

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tube (Rosenmiiller's fossa). "Hypertrophy of the pharyngeal adenoid tissue

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medical man in his evidence said he had no doubt the cause of

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est in Indiana. Dr. J. L. Chandler, of St. Albans. Vt., who was a

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it may be caused by non-absorbable suture material. Secondly,

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some lesions this preliminary incision is necessary, in others not.

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matic joints or muscles sufler a gnawing, tearing pain. In neuralgia it

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British Medical Association were assembled in the Wor-

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during the following two or three years, by heiselt^ — the produet ot the

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statistics of the previous epidemics. The following table

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these cases as characterized by pin-head and sago-sized, hard papules,

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Dr. Little : In what way is the lead rendered vola-

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