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if those on one side of the centrals are wearing the same as those

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ference on Nutritional Advancements: Current Problem

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it is obvious that fluid circulating in the lymphatic system of the nerve may

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posterior chamber pushing it forward. This case brings up several

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typhoid fever. In the " American Year Book for 1898,"

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or up and down stairs a varying number of times, and the

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body. In this respect botulismus is a sharp contrast to meat poison-

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It is not possible to deal with the bacterial aetiology of

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latter affects the right lower lobe oftener than any other lobe.

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corps or branch in this Army, including the "irregulars," that did as

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pointed out that a large number of ships (68) and troops (159,296)

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Canfield. F. D.; Cook, E. M.; Cassidy, J, J.; Cunning,

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paper are exceedingly unreliable. The best test for free

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Several months since, a statement was made in The Doc-

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hold, and it is sometimes necessary to use a strip two and one

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disappear. Mayr believes that the oesophagus became

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make the working of the details of the Branch any smoother as

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ing to Mr. Keary, a river, and a harmful one, — the river

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►es ami fingers incurvated — the face Hushed, and the head tetanically twisted

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2. As the instrument yields satisfactory results only if the urine

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standard was feasible, a view in entire contradiction of the

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finally crystallized by five months' intensive research

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equipped office available immediately. Town of 2,100

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The first symptoms of measles and those of an attack of influenza, as it

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treatment of this kind may sometimes urge colic into enteritis.

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Now here follows what we are compelled to find fault

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" non-progressive " group, should indicate a thorough in-

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entire peritoneum, except the portion over the stomach, is of a

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also that tendency of official sanitary administration, general

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noon he passed one knife by stool, and on the next day two more,

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dangers may be expected, as well as in acute cases, after return

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luindretl and eiijjht to fifty-six beats a minute, and for

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W^here dysmenorrhoea and sterility were associated with ante-

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pedicle was broad and thick, was clamped, but too short to be brought

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in these regions. Accordingly the indica- '°n almost complete. Patient is able to dis-

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moned to make more than one analysis of the ( [irac-

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Case 6. — S. S. ? aged thirty-eight, labouring under inflam-

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be found in connective tissue diseases. It is tempting to |

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