Anafranil Luvox

" Case of Fibroid Tumor of the Uterus Causing Eclamp-
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draught of cold water. If the exhaustion is extreme, brandy
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caused by an elongated uvula, by much talking or singing ; ap-
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fascia, which binds the neck of the bladder down, but not through
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[EKiracU taken, by permission, rrom a memohat sketch or the life of
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nothing could repress her ardor for study. As far as
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For six months after graduation he was Assistant Resi-
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stiffness of the throat, and more or less hoarseness. — J. C. P.,
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prescribed was dilatation, but was deferred by the patient, who
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immobilize badly. Being convex, they give rise to ben4-
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about the same time he became assistant to Professor Fessenden N.
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Dr. Janvrin married Miss Laura L. Lawall, of Easton,
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on this work, Dr. Layet feels justified in classing them under
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account of his mother's health, which had for some years
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authority, must be looked upon somewhat as the "refined gold,"
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thing for the people to tear down the placards put up by the
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At the breaking out of the Civil War, early in 1861, he
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with his medical skill and his purse to aid and give relief
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no registration by the memory of these acts, are not new to
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of patients. May its good work in the future increase propor-
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doctor exclaimed, "There, that will be a case of croup to-night!"
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longs to the Medical Society of the State of New York, the New
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cantile pursuits until his death in 1813. He left two sons,
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the unpicturesque and unheroic attitude of a man, who, having
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of service. However, let us not deceive ourselves by super-
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Whatever there may be in the foregoing which is "ambigu-
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secretion, both before and during the attack, is scanty : as the
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as a result of actual loss of blood, but probably more often because of the
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Her comprehension of the planes of the pelvis, through
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attack, being completely relieved. The malady, however, con-
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to evening, — but is apt to continue several days in this way.
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often astonishing to see how soon a patient, who before lay helpless and com-
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pitals, and the Phi Alpha Sigma fraternity. He is also a Fellow in

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