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central authorities at Washington, and whose special mission it is to protect those for-

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to see why the hereditary social desire, which brings with it fre-

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surfaces are seen to be everywhere dull grey in color and covered with a

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tention only through death certificates. This would ,

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caprice of the inspector making them. Again, under existing law and with the present

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The Doho Chemical Corporation, 58 Varick Street, New York. Booth

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of the committee, the force employed at Chicago Is, as a whole, inadequate numerically

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limitations not stressed in popular reports, or some factors in

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that the muscular contractions ;ire nuu-e likd.v to he tonic in character.

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group in the evening if so planned. All forums will be

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glycerin-potato acquires a gray, bluelike, homogeneous appearance; and now if

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violate the laws of the country to which the meat is to be exported.

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perately ill patients, and this carries a high mor-

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child, is featured at the Merrell booth. This latest Merrell Pediatric Specialty

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Inoculated with tubercle bacilli, results of experiments 145,154

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one hundred and thirty-five days after inoculation, and it was then

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time it is frequently difficult to identify the exact

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equal in the long run to the price paid for them, although this may

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that ceilings and walls shall be frequently cleaned and whitewashed

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boundary of Wilbarger County to the southeast corner of said county; thence north

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mouth wide open, breathing slowly, with periods of apnoea. She shunned

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is a "strumitis/^ or ^'thyroiditis'* (sometimes the gland not being

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there was definite loss of weight. On March 28 under paraldehyde anes-

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organs and structures is so intimate that a merely superficial knowl-

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VI. A Bacteriological and Anatomical Study of the Summer-DIarrhceus of

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routinely for ascertaining the condition of the re-

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be in part omitted until after the steamer has cleared and Is in motion.

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been referred to, extends downward to below the point where the esophagus

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to the formerly employed larger doses . . . has been largely

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In November the disease spread into the neighboring countries of

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Conn., in cooperation with the Storrs Experiment Station, have

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one’s mind a practical list of conditions causing

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Because the fat and carbohydrate in S-M-A are perfectly balanced

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