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ance. The physician feels gratified to find the patient improving, when

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this time the areolar tissue between the muscles and tendons about the

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made between this condition and arthritis due to streptococcus infection.

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cataflam 50 mg filmtabletta

flammatory changes, due to the irritating effects of excreting

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tempt us at times to adopt the "kismet " of the Turk or to fall

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ovaritis, and swelling of the labia majora. Swelling of the inguinal glands

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of cerebrospinal fever. In this condition of shock there is nothing character-

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ness should be drawn to the line and judgment to the

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thickened. In one of the writer's cases the surface of the brain was pale and

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accompanied frequently by metastatic involvement of various tissues and

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4. Diseases chiefly septic, which find a nidus in the wounds subsequent to

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month of the year. When it occurs outside of the regions mentioned it

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crisis just as the first. After this the patient usually passes on to complete

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cystitis. Besides, other elements containing protein sub-

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abandoned this belief after years of controversy. English and Spanish

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extremities seen in tetany — the so-called driving position of the hands. In

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ulcers in epidemic dysentery are accompanied usually with only the damage

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the other members of the family not allowed in the room. It is well to have

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