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recognition of the disease on the skeleton might have

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safety considerations can also influence formulation.

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and then irreversibly aspirated into the instrument.

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DNA is an important determinant in how likely it will

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can constitute direct evidence of a fact in dispute but

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considerable range for common fuels but is less than

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profiles should be considered to be very conservative.

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very small and hard to identify except for occasional

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Latent fingerprints Latent fingerprints are the clas

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specifically intended to produce effects in the physical

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two tables separated by the diploe. Even large bones

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significant wind it too is likely to have played its

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endogenously produced GHB at concentrations up to 107 ig ml

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Figure 24 see color plate 32 Counterfeit US 100 FRN toner

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are more prone to criminality because of their social

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tant role in the resolution of these problems given

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distinguish the two presenting as evidence of identi

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must be given no hint by design or unintentionally as

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facilitate the systematic individualization of human

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By sharing their experience and through sponsorship

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tives the coroner requires proof of identification only

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specimen is an important issue. For example if single

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microscopy. Journal of Porensic Sciences 41 297 299.

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for these two tests depends on the metabolites dis

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These besides the muacidar sense are Sight Hearing Smell

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the underlying dentine. The cervical margin neck of the tooth

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ably have the greatest effect on drug concentrations

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sonal identification and human skeletal biology e.g.

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from the rest of the population have to be identified

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results in an inability to agglutinate the red blood

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mistake to leave this area without some reference to

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and credit cards and also plastic card legitimization

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cellulose tape in contact with the area in question

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scenes but are regularly used at serious crime scenes.

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