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The cavity of the orbit was cleansed and filled with cotton and the
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velopment for many weeks in decomposing sputum and for months
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About a year before coming to the writer it was noticed
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I might here with propriety speak of a type of case
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that viseus. Chronic gastritis greatly impairs absorption
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large venous anastomoses the murmur is more or less continuous with sys
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with pustules or tumours. In the large mass of cases however which
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images ophthalmoscopic examination. Prognosis hopeless. Treatment
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welcome it with open arms. Such in the main are the
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animals are to be found. These diseases embrace not only
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Treatment. ilfefea. Medical treatment consists in the
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pletely disappear by noon. On examination we find on the affected
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green food provided for them or they will not thrive.
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exceeds that of the sound by three degrees. The swelling of
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Sore Nipples. The Medical Report recommends the appli
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in guinea pigs a marked blood reaction and immunity with
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appreciated that the standards in the service were undoubtedly
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his co operation in my investigation of the subject which
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this they had three cases. In one there was a hernia and also
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At a meeting of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society held on Wednes
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reported that a number of different strains of bacteria produce hydrocyanic
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doses required to kill the animals. The symptoms shown and the
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tion of life insurance men not merely to comment but to
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man arrives at such a conclusion he is practically lost to society
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atarsal articulation are affected with bunions swell and sometimes re
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cases of apparent abscess cyst formation suspected gumma etc. a careful
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of its cfliciency such as the occunence of a presystolic
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and on neurological examination she showed a hyper
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bility and we do not see that Lantos has.niade any particular
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and can not keep on without more funds. And again The
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ration. It is indicated by an abundance of moist rales. I
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specific focus most National Training Programs NTPs are produced by
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the secretary the report of the treasurer and reports of
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allowing it to recover a little strength finally to overcome the
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proportion of nights in bed to those on duty whether special
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and in subsequent cases the brownish yellow pigment agrees in mor
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high it adds to the difficulty of raising the patient and makes
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two gifts are entirely dissociated. Moreover students in their
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monia in the same conditions have met with terrible disas
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preferred mamma on account of the more cheerful and
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bath apartments in various places by which to regulate the
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Netherlands having a population of during the month of
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standard works and tlie progress of medical journal

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