Can I Switch From Celexa To Lexapro

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Surgical appliances, books, and microscopes will be exhibited
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emaciated woman, small and delicate, 4 feet 3 inches high.
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i.1 *.!i^ i.-".^-'i*r^ till U11& ras& iiiwKJ-prcssiiTt, & T^ay iTtirifCTatu^
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declares, '^(/ueiir comme un peintre (as poor as a painter)."
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Hospital on May I'oth, Mr. T. Whitehead Eeid in the
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whatever. It proved to be due to chronic lead-poisoning from the
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most heterogeneous anatomical elements. Thus we find
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turned to Heidelberg in 1847. There he lectured on physi-
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October 25th, 1893. Candidates for election by the Council
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slight and occurs only after the ingestion of carbohydrates. But if
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general; partial when it is connected originally with some localized
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study cannot be less than, and often exceeds, five years.
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fering with combatant prerogatives. Mr. Campbell-Bannerman asks
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are commonly called, has occupied the minds of medical men
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the fact that this was one of the points brought to his notice by the Parlia-
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Symptoms. — ^This disease usually sets in with vomiting, and in
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every precaution should be taken to prevent the child with choreic
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periodical literature were numerous and valuable. His work
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two children ; below that the abdominal walls are united
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Lieu eoant Colonel James Macfee, 4th (Yorkshire) Volunteer Battalion,
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There is no affection whose signs by auscultation are so variable
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a word of comment. And yet, without having any wish, or,
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pancreas is necessary for the regulation of the normal sugar econ-
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pitals and in the London Fever Hospitals was 2,649 at the end of the
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note our own Director-General Sir W. A. Mackinnon, K.C.B.;
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pieseiue of cholera in La Rochelle w6re current, though needing con-
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ened spinal muscles to bear the weight of the head. Many of these
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A .SECOND creche under the Edinburgh Day Nurseries Associa-
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tract contraindicate its use. It does not succeed in cases of in-
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mation should have the corresponding cutaneous surface carefully
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disease. On the other hand, I declined the lucrative office of deputy
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and Frederick Taylor and Messrs. Pridgin Teale and Howard
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