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hydrated salt are required than of the anhydrous, for it crys-

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seat the mysterious branches of the nervous system.

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On motion of Dr, White, of New York, a recess of fifteen minutes was taken, to

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syphilitics, and either been ill cured, or the peculiar remedy had

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to do. As long as a case is under my charge, and I am going to give



studied the matter; while rational hygienists, gen-

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hands out of patriotism, he would no longer occupy a seat

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gives rise to most serious symptoms, enumerated below.

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almost miraculous insight of its author, wliose disguise of bulfoonery

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or coma, there is generally found a paralysis of the opposite half of the

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fever that have come under my notice. Mosler, however,

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penalties to the penal code, where they properly belong.

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"Dilucidae | Simplicium Medicamenorum [sic] ] Explicationes, | &

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symptoms, and that the treatment found successful in one case is

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influence she frequently made use of the expression, " O poor Bob ! "

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could just as well take out each tube and ovary to-

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I am indebted to Dr. Carlucci for the translation of the Italian - articles. I

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The burn was received ten years since, and the cicatrix has been twice

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gous to those of Chronic Pneumonia, By M. Cuynat, Chirur-

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Z)c^«i7iojis.— Section 2. When used in this act:—

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in six months, and later, to less than two per cent.

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Band xii., Haft 1, Dr. With describes, under the name of peritonitis appendicu-

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they have no pathogenic significance, and are merely of symptomatic-

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Hence the frequent muscular pains, aching, and weari-

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Laboratory Tests: Perform complete blood counts frequently; if a significant reduction in the count of any

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These areas are most often on the back of the head. Just as in human leprosy the

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mentally it was shown that 19/20 of the ionization was due

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leaving a large loophole in our preventive measures. Ward and Hen-

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those features of a disease which could be appreciated only by med-

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any other part of the body. He says, however, that the ankles swell towards night.

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