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record such experiments and anatomical facts, as were directly related to the question

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corn's horn, preserved in England, were in fact portions

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when I was summoned in consultation. June 8th, 1847. I found her lying

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dilation and not due to left ventricular dysfunction, occurs in about one in ten patients treated with

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the site of the corneal puncture, where the needle has

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majority of cases in which the vision is affected, the defect is slight or

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At the accession of each pain the patient holds her breath,

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oring to tighten the wire around the growth the latter came loose.

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Orthopedic Surgeon Hospital for Siclc Children ; Demonstrator of Clinical Surgery, Toronto

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We can judge of the perfection or rather imperfection of our

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death, indeed, so far as they had observed, cotemporaneously with the setting in

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may well be supposed, that a gentleman in his rank of life had had

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of the skin, with the other clinical symptoms, make a diagnosis of severe

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most tractable organ and that nature has and uses its

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in the American Medical Times, consists of the descrip-

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beer, spirits, coffee, milk, copious draughts of cold water when heated,

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thrombosis along its greater curvature. The heart was excessively friable

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a large, living boy. No threatening of convulsions.

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We are using the opportunity afforded by the advertising

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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. The

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wounds following birth that furnish points for absorption

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to be partially controlled by the one grain of bromid every eight

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seemed no doubt, therefore, that the second attack of sleepiness was produced

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bedtime, is sometimes effectual, I think by suggestion,

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now it is the operator who is incurring the greater risk.

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eleven cases of Japanese dysentery. The bacilli are actively motile,

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the part affected, two moderate doses of calomel were

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if tliey were not, and neither trouble nor annoy him ; yet, finally, the

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tion this nerve presides over the ulnar flexion of the wrist, the flexion

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in most cases, dilatation proceeds from weakness of the muscular walls,

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tion of tumors of varying size scattered throughout its substance. These

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This lengthened pause is usually designated as a compensatory pause, since it com-

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curs in these cases « in consequence of the air and blood being beaten

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ulcer, and 1 of epithelioma of integument. These all died ;

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he had removed from a patient who was seven months pregnant.

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of the growth and submit it to microscopical examina-

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senile amber cataract— and the cortex firm, the size of the

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normal while that of the rectum may be normal or even elevated. There may be

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of yital action occurring during life, but were thereby led into

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which Rogers had found the most effective in dysentery. During

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potash is a readily soluble salt. Pain, general or local, is the

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proportion of one part to one or two thousand parts

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tion in all surgery. To remove the tube is more \ tubes sometimes have to be worn weeks and months

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