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monstrosities are occasionally reported in medical journals and

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cases. M. Chomel mentions the application of revulsives and of warm and

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or cheese and that have been accredited to the ingestion of ptomains

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shows inflammatory hyperplasia but no necrosis of its substance anywhere.

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haustion. Fistula in ano badly managed or neglected is fre

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Treatment consists in the administration of opium in

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reasons we believe Pinard is right in saving that one ought not

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of 50 million heated homologous cocci. The opsonic index for the

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cervix alone included in it. If this cannot be sufficiently well

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HYDRASTIA crystallizing in white prismatic forms and insoluble in water.

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as fairly representative of normal intestinal conditions.

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tion indicated by great heat on the forehead and stomach and

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to be considered i the granules floccules or sediment and 2

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one to Dr. Mott of New York. At Charleston I was visited

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Dentition Diet Artificial Feeding Bathing Sleep and Exer

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hitherto been known as the large and small Springs but having succeeded

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sharply anteflexed and any attempt to restore it to its normal

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cines and poisons is too instantaneous to admit of any other

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punctured the cyst with a small sized trocar removing a part of

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where the whole of human desires are restricted to one want

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ing pains neuralgia in especial and traumatic accidents cause

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can only reflect discredit and disgrace on their alma mater and

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them that such a habit in one so young must have resulted irom

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by an incision and if discharge prove obstinate resort may be

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cordingly two cases presented themselves both had passed into

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Spleen. Practically normal there being some dark brownish pigment scattered

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friends that the Journal is in every respect in a prosperous con

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of Orloff as to be noteworthy. He obtained the same effect except

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medical science is not always determined bv numerical force.

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more tissues were made in each case. The smears were stained with

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in any position which he could assume. It was evident that the

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tiently endure the pain and inconvenience necessarily attendant on the treat

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lungs and pleurae normal. Heart enlarged 2 cm. beyond normal line apex beat

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li recumbent posture and when labouring under catarrh

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never show any signs of illness. A few illustrations may be cited

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hundred physicians send your address on postal card to the

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sary was removed. So complete had been the correction of

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turned about half an inch at a time until the point appeared at

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the skin is hot and dry cold water thrown on the naked body

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abdominal cavitv and i lt were closed cysts. In five cases the

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in the interests of so called regulars in medical practice which

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ditions of growth such as for example the kind of medium and age

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sed to spasm Would not Ergot have produced the same be

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OPIUM HABIT Defective or Deficient Menstruation from Nervous

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symptoms. This case was given as one amongst many mainly

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well oiled and directed so as f o introduce the flattened extremity

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prodroma of the spontaneous convulsive attacks of hysterical

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city need be no particular cause of present excitement or alarm

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Subsequently the able pen of Sydenham delineated its charac

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into which culture or tissue was rubbed. As is well known this

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usually exhibited by bilious pneumonia. Yet to distinguish be

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again a sudden pressure upon it would instantly arrest such

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Other rats in this series are still under observation.

a ____ is the surgical fixation of the testis in the scrotal sac

fusion similar to that produced by inflammation of the membranes or of the

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more bearable shape and seems less exclusively calculated for the meridian

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equal amount of 24 hour broth culture of B typhosus and incubate at

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the State of Massachusetts. If the number of years therein stated

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ism is simple and well adapted to the end proposed. In the

surgical fixation of an undescended testicle in the scrotum

struate until within two months of the fatal period.

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nitrate of silver was employed. The treatment was based on the

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only one of the elements necessary for lysis of the bacilli namely the

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Guided by these indications I have successfully used this pre

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case of the serum of a rabbit receiving four injections of live bacteria

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cannot be so rapidly overcome and hence the two conditions

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minute description as also of some other curious matters.

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system and correct debility thus giving increased power of resistance to dis

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The results of the experiments on the rabbits were as follows One

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diagnosis. There are some diseases of the generative organs

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Human life ought on the average to exceed a century of years

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means or only enables us to make more accurate prognostica

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miasmatic exhalations do not occur to much extent during the

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the theory wrong though it was with great ability and telling

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generally occurs in women who have passed the change of life.

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Accordingly a silver one was introduced I think about twelve

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incision was made through the skin commencing a finger s

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of a fountain syringe which I regard as altogether preferable to

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tration uttering a feeble cry. His extremities were cold coun

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fected the application of the potassa followed by the acid was made lower

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Their number is very variable some patients present only a

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after post partum hemorrhage due to severe wounds and epis

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obtained by boiling meat for several hours has no perceptible effect

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certificate shall entitle the person named therein to practise medi

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the tumefaction of the surrounding parts reappeared as soon as

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This treatment and these observations are applicable to

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exactly Their father was a painter and the closet in his house

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The advocates of the Broussaian doctrine refer to post mortem

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dertake a thorough review of this highly allopathic lauded deci

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In cases of Pneumonia Diphtheria Consumption Malaria Hemorrhages all Pulmo

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a problem. From an old publication we quote the following

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The Toxic Action of Butyric Acid Compared with Toxic Action

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hospital. Three months before admission the patient had an attack of severe sticking

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The method of infection is uncertain but probably the

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uterine contractions and time is precious properly directed pres

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strangulated hernia. The ointment for these purposes is as usu

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markable how long a certain set of men holding the same office

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tell how little the rivers lakes and oceans have parted with their

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taken by the essayist that lie had however never applied a pes

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subsequent contraction of the organ. Annah Universali di

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vomits and purges less and less until recovery is estab

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a description of the third variety the bothriocephalus

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deficiency increased until she came under my care when the

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stance and in large quantities. Lancette Francaise 2nd June.

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as soon as this inflammation appears the remedy should be discontinued for

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the patient returned to consciousness between pains. He will

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Charts 3 and 4. This is probably due to the more rapid absorption

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the part and pressing against the corner of a sideboard bureau

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ritation sufficient to concentrate the action of the disease in this

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sounds which he has endeavored to express by the terms femoral jecoral.

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tion has ceased. It may be left applied or not during menstrua

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these glands. It is well known that syphilis swells the adjacent

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son to be placed entirely to the account of the nervous sys

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carded. The sediment is next treated with absolute alcohol mixed with the alcohol

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of physical life are essentials of culture. To be weak is to be

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coated are also well known. The desideratum in the adminis

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reduction in the total amount of infected territory through clearing

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wintergreen methyl salicylate. Put up in quart bottles

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was punctured by a trochar and after being emptied filled with warm red

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We find however on record a few cases which I think calcu

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pyogenes Strept. viridans and the pneumococcus. The opsonic

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ern the progressive developement and decline of the encephalic

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ed as in the preceding case except that the tumour being attach

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of the bacteria some of which at least are diffusible thermolabile

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up enormously owing to absorption of water burst their

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ance of the flux is extended some days bevond the ordinary lim

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ology was rendered sterile by fractional sterilization and was always

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of the respiratory organs which arc common and so fatal in

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diseases of their serous tissues are often due to lymphangitis.

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The first sections of the Pennsylvania State Act direct

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of albuminuria. The case had apparently advanced beyond any

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in the larynx the uneasiness felt at this region also pointed it out

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We have been endeavouring to shew that the food is detained longer in

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to the proper legislative committee Establishing a Board of

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operation is incomplete the instrument has been applied for the

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isolate the organism. While experiments of this character were under

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of relief and become tributary to the insatiable avarice of some

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truss is decidedly the best yet invented to effect that object.

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Sex age constitution menstruation health antecedent diseases and treatment

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where there is a strong likeHhood that the disease will be occasionally

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the laudanum and diminishing the dose or allowing a longer interval to

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