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six studies they had conducted in their city with the partici-

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injurious to health and surely disagreeable to them; now

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is of one ' storey ' only, the ground between the tress being kept clean

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shoulder. He had not suffered from pains in his right upper

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senior citizens on three levels of care: Skilled, ICF

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throw it out of the body. Whilst this is doing, a sickness of

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Page and William Slack Post-Graduate School of Medicine of the Mount

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All communications should be sent to the Editor, The

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be provided to hospitals and their medical staffs. Registry

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description of the valves of the lymphatic vessels,^ and Dr.

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of very rapid growth. It had only quite lately been associated

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years ago fell from the top of a tree to the bottom on his face.

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and thus allow air to enter the pleural cavity. In the majority

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consultation took place between Sir James Paget, Dr. Hahn,

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Humphrey Davy, as I have learnt from Dr. Davy. I have observed that

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culosis. Diseases of the liver, pancreas, and gastrointestinal

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pigeon, the butcher bird, are all distinguishable by the longer oval

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(6) Thomas F. (i). Hands and feet deformed. (Dead.)

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learn and incorporate such remunerative techniques into

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and comfort to the patient. But in case there be distinct

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She was much improved in health, had gained flesh, and was

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3"0248 grams of Xini oil gave 1 '815 grams of liquid acid and •8-100

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people work. An employer, be it an industrial firm, a school,

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