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Wassermann reaction was obtained (whereas earlier tests had been

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these are the Asiatic, the European and the Indian species.

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the professed disciples of Jesus Christ, nor their teachers, can become

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Vierordt {Stromgeschwindigkeiten des Blutes, Berlin, 1862), who, by

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by different authorities as the commonest position for such a

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All dead meat, slaughtered in the country or abroad,

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tions on what the Medical man should guard himself against,

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causes loss of hair, per se, just as deficiency may do, is

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and intractable, and generally require the early and liberal use of

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AVas the diairnosis of stenosis of the cervix uteri so

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disposed to enlarge the range of diffusion and mor-

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older writers. It is described as one of the varieties under

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right of the reader to know the qualifying facts, that the

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turbed by the reiterated and perfectly unfounded assertions of

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The temperature for the ten days after the operation s^ood

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by fire on October 14, the work of the Institution has gone

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specialties. Whoever heard of an oncologist, nephrologist,

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to this question. (See 'Ann. d'Hyg.' 1855, vol. 1, p. 445 ; and vo . 2, p.

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At a meeting of the Royal Irish Academy held on Monday

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cient in its severe forms to produce gangrene might, in its lighter grades,

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carefully treasure up and parade every instance of crime com-

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or even lined with puriform exudation. Von Ziemssen once saw the large

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and rapid march of formication and numbness down the right arm, right leg,

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of immediate practical importance. From the useful and valuable

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