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formed with edestin from hemp seed, the results of which are

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sustained tone of the vessels, which persists for some time and causes an

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lesion is situated in the mitral orifice or mitral valve, and often leads to

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recorded. One element of the personal equation was thus elimi-

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been almost abandoned, for the abundant perspiration involves the

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When, then, rheumatic pains of a sudden or instantaneous charac-

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(intestinal diseases). A few prescriptions are given here:

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Another ever-dangerous source of error lies in the infinitesimal

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by Sanson and other executioners, so far as these stories are not

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Lunacy : it's Past and its Present. By Robert Gardiner Hill,

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and the chromatin filament extends from the kinetonucleus to the

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other molecules in the animal organism, is always the same, namely,

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curves show that the drug effect persists at least two weeks after its

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— Rises and runs about, but is lame. 4.27, — Walks, but is very

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as the inflammatory symptoms subsided, cicatrices formed, and a

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of the bowels often terminating in enteric fever. Since he had

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without requiring the aid of any other aperient. The digitalis

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from passing beneath its control ; it must, in other words, be absolute.

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calories. The proteins when oxidized in the body are not broken

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eyes cloi^ed. 5.40 p.m. — Died in 26 hours and 18 minutes. Body

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complements Noguchi^ has suggested the possibility that at least

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the treatment is the same as that of broken compensation. If excessive

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lower extremities, abdomen, back) is first washed with alcohol, then dried,

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forty-eight hours the aneurismal symptoms became established, not

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Denver, 5196 ft., population 138,859 (1900), is an active, busy, beauti-

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Davis made 200 e.xaminations of sputum and cultured 150 throats and failed to find

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He had been in the habit of getting porridge and milk from a

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Broth. — Uniformh' clouded in 24 hours. A pellicle forms in three days.

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