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operates as a complication, and may be of such severity as to demand
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in favor of tapping before the accumulated fluid has caused pressure
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median nerve exposed. As the nerve, which crosses the artery in the
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most intense at the origin and insertion of the muscles. There is no rise of
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application of cold to the surface of the body for the purpose of rapidly-re-
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recovered and suffers but little inconvenience from the extensive de-
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of hernia are present. It can be readily distinguished from lumbar
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ful and not movable, while in enlarged lymphatic glands, more than one
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hours a febrile movement is developed and they pass rapidly into the
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weakening of these structures by fatty degeneration are by some regarded-
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men will be found in the urine ; in pyonei)hrosis they are common and
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partial detachment of the valves prevents them from completely closing
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disi-ase, with alkalies, bismuth, pepsin, etc. It is claimed that if these
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has received the name bronchorrhoea. In some cases of simple chronic
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starting-point of phthisis in quite a large proportion of cases. The ques-
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especially grave. Where the disease arises from perforation of the hol-
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relief to the patient. Chronic enteritis in children is marked by a diar-
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(Ilertz.) It occurs oftenest in males (three to one), and after the twenty-
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the process is one of ulceration, but this is hardly true. The changes
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may be soft and flabby. When soft and flabby, a microscopic examination
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tions, obstruction of the nutrient vessels leading to the gangrenous por-
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within a reasonable length of time after the injury.
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may take the place of lung complications, and should not be too suddenly
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cause acting directly on the nerve of the affected side.
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occupied by a case of scarlet fever, when it runs its regular course, is from
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upon ; constipation and difficulty in defecating when the intestines are
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place between the aponeurosis of the occipito-frontalis and the perios-
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space. The arm should be held away from the side and not supported
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infarction softens and becomes a fatty, pulpy mass. The capsule over such
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Differential Diagnosis. — Spasmodic asthma will rarely be confounded with
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able amount of poisonous material finally gets into these glands, suppu-
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of its cause and the extent of dilatation. If the sac is small and the op-
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