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two last kinds of approach are controversial because
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Figure 3 Human hair forms. The cross sectional shape largely
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shed less through time. Caution should be exercised
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tives can. Such definitive testing may be required if
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quency of the electromagnetic oscillations executed
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following is an example of a real GKT test which led
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AC ed. Clarke s Isolation and Identification of Drugs
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Criminal Investigation and Trials pp. 61 77. Allaha
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injurious and cause fatality. Attacks may be provoked
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On receiving the evidence the fingerprint specialist
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most extreme case the transition from smoldering to
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Characters in animated cartoons regularly do physi
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on faint old or difficult bite marks. Successful iden
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standalone not attached or in a symbiotic or parasitic relationship with another program
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possible that interfering substances could be placed in
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the alleged father and child share a very small frag
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of the prosecution s case. However scientific techni
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polymerase chain reaction. American Journal of Human
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mugsearch however involves a subjective definition
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word forensic there are several lists including the
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nistically attack a body. Damage is determined by the
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genital area. The examiner will also obtain samples
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lined below and should be seen in general terms only
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face a trail of smeared blood will result. The direc
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lected for various purposes. However by far the most
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urobilin by alcoholic mercuric chloride. Subsequent
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watermark confirms the sheet of paper was manufactured
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memory. Drugs used in these cases are typically one
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the pH of amniotic fluid decreases during pregnancy
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experts may have overinterpreted their observations

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