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Hepatization. Another condition of the diseased lung
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Hospital progressed with a gradual diminution of the fever see
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isolating the bacilli. The bacilli were found as early as the sixth
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ferring to Dr. Richardson s experiments on the coagu
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and they will swell out their breasts. Moreover having
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investigation others are devoted mainly to the routine work necessary
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exposure and handling of the intestines and even if necessary
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he explored the possibihties of treating valvular disease in
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case of tetanus. The muscles of the trunk and limbs were now
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for by excessive functional excitement of the spinal motor centres
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the umbilicus the child died on the tenth day from peritonitis. Perito
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enough to describe their sensations. He had not noticed irregu
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near future. Physician most needed. Excellent opportunity for individual
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abdominal walls thus effectually shutting in and localizing
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Use of Erythropoietin in Selected Anemic Patients with Nondialysis Dependent
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ing at least as large a niedical element in the Board of
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more readily in cases where the valves are inflamed and
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ances which in rare instances attack the tubes or the
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mented by them. A sheep s heart or lungs or eye must
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case associated with peritonitis obtained a pneumococcus. Hanot and
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foration or gangrene will lie in the same cavity. These
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Not shown is Dr. Byron Bloor Professor and Chairman of Neurosurgery.
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condition by the term hydrothorax in the one case and hydroperi
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greater numbers though they are now no longer intracellular.
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communicated by coitus all the others named are conveyed
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sand filtration were also reviewed the committee hesitat
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eral public have been very helpful in their relations with the
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The medical treatment of typhus is purely symptomatic for as yet
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Keratectasia. Z e n o. Keratectasia involves only the
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tality books at St. George s Hospital during those years with the result
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