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acute stages, when, as a rule, exercise is harmful and rest is useful. The

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throui;hiiut luiture; for exaniple, in the ocean and in the lluids of mai'ine

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to galvanic and faradic stimulation. This would mdicate an involvement

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plasma into the corpiiside, so releasinir liase in tlio former to eoiidiiiie

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other kidney normal. He noted the long period of time which elapsed, as a

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The investigations of Reid Hunt^ show that there is too much difference

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"I lilill.Wil 1 -iviiil in '.;i|iili|| nl il lii'll s|lil|li'l| m|;|ss \ I'ssi'j I'jlls.'d In

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••nr iT.'nl;i,-ly ri'i-nnii,.. "..|- ,,,v,.s i,,vii|.,, |,„ ,.„|,,,Mnt liin.. ii.|,-iii,„Kl,i„

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foods liut not in others, and some are solulile in water and others in fats.

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backward position of the head, and it then not infrequently takes a forward

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••allt'd splivuiimurapli is niiplovtil, alllKHiu'li a tainl'inir liavinir a liultm,

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Till' lilst Iili'l'nilliNilc til till' ili\ I'stiltlltiiiil III" till' liliiiiil |il'''ssillr, as III'

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sciatic nerve. Careful examination of the spine usually gives the diagnosis.

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and special conditions have to be considered — that is common-sense. The

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is emptied, after which the flow is usually very sluggish. In all cases it is

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the so-called *' coffin lids, ' or modified into more or less crucial-shaped,

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an ischsemic form of paralysis, or a paralysis of the vessel nerves leading to

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i'\i'i'.i|..| llic nnllll.ll lliiu, ,•111,1 «;|s llsll.-llly II Il lll'lnw it. Tili.S 1(11

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of the sternum; the chest sunken toward the pelvis, the abdomen pendulous;

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lull' solutions of ditTerent chcTnical composition are beiiifr perfus'd

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kaemia belong. To substantiate this belief. Reed asserts that a careful his-

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and vomiting or lavage, perhaps diarrhoea, also and especially as a symptom of

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ni.'i.s „( \,n\ii,u .Irptlis (.I'.'x|.ii;,ii,,ii .•iiii !„■ liik.'ii iiiiil iluis nmiiy jMiiir

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lie its siiiii'fo, n cnnsiiliM-iiMr rrsrr\i> (if iilUiili is iinilimlitcdly availalilc

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XVII. Case of an extensive "W^ound from the Bite of a

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iiid when the initural desire to hreathc returns, the •'(>_. tension of the

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out, forming an apparent capsule. The growths, pushing their way, may

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too large clothes" (M. J. Weber, 1829). The genitalia are well developed.

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'•'" -'"" "!'• ""• l"'i'i'"li'' ''liaiacl,.!' „( t||,. I,|...atliiim sii|,..,.vcniii.,' ,n:

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III inu' destroyed liy siinliulit : cclU siieli as micioorizanivms arc siiiiilarl,\'

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