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The ten-thousandth part of a grain of strychnia is very plainly

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tady, New York, graduating in 1851, receiving the A.M. degree in

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granted that a " defect in the integrity of the menstrual canal,

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and chief in the maternities of Berlin and Leipzig, each single

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In 1890 Dr. Bangs removed to San Jose, Cal., where a

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short time. After a few weeks it spread from Kingston to the

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of the diameter of the bullet and proportional to its leitgth and its

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of the bill offered a few weeks ago by a committee of the former

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Delahaye in Paris. Dr. Ludlam also translated and pub-

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extending even to the tongue and the breath. The breathing is

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of the college dispensary, and after his graduation, in 1870,

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diathesis ; and we know, that, in such conditions, a very slight

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The Bureau of Paedology has made important changes, and

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sj)leen, in a sense, is the lymphatic gland of the blood. But lymphatic tissue

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i8C3 a sad bereavement befell her in the sudden death of

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As the disease spread rapidly, no attempt was made to trace

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that its matter and general literary style were such as to make

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Association, Medical Society of the Stale of New York,

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well by precept, yet better still by example, and he has

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perhaps, that they are not of the class of material, demonstrable

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mansigement. This institution, which was founded and

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over almost the whole posterior surface of the hand. The joints are by no

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the method of lota! extirpation are: isl. That it restores

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Since the laity, in the persons of Howells, Miss Phelps, and

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the Medical Society of the State of New York, the New York County

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admitted that the salicylates do not control rheumatic hyper-

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hot salted injections after the action of the bowels. He men-

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oppressions were less severe than the Spanish Inquisition, it was

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esy," have multiplied from month to month, that such comments

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coronoid cavities — that is to say, to two fingers' breadths from

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record in the New Haven Colony, March 7, 1647, the line of descent

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hours, when, exhausted, she would fall asleep. She could not

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stated ; namely, that disease is the evidence of the absence, or

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the New York Polyclinic Medical School, as Professor of Surgery

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This work has been, in other editions, before the public for

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come extreme. Changes in the bones of the pelvis are of no special clinical

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tions it is not surprising that he should select the city of

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with the fact of the presence of bacillus in anthrax, the spirillum

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Greenwich Hospital, both of Connecticut. He is also consulting phy-

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be considered a matltr of sentiment, as Mrs. Lines had

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Skene is reputed to have been a very scholarly man. Ac-

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the use of few instruments. The previous treatment and

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There is no class of diseases of a chronic nature which so

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Case 14. — Cataract : one minute fifteen seconds. This man, when operated

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