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the disease. The machine employed contained from 25 to 35 plates ; the electric current

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cases where the textures involved have become torn, lacerated,

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the paralysis seems to depend upon serous effusion into the

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played by patients. It is not a specific for gonorrhea, but is

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cases the best thing to do is to divulse the canal, thoroughly curette

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usually in the night. They are apparently analagous to

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the part of Mr. llirgrave at all, the report is, as it seems to

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way seeds ; and when these are well mixed, add the eggs, which

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affairs of the institution on a much firmer and surer financial basis.

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tract to do duty in the field or in general hoi^itals. This

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murmurs, can arise only at the auriculoventricular valves. Another

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tial arrangements for military patients, the bulk of the army hospital ser-

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addition to it of a number of new drugs and pharmaceu-

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there is torticollis ; and there is the 'fades nitjresceyis' of Heberden. In the

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Dr« WILLIAM B« TOWLES, Professor of Anatomy and Materia Medica in the Medical De^partment

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Hysterectomies Performed at St. John's Mercy Medical Center, 1984-86,

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What was the cause of this pain : AVas it the result of irri-

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disease, speaks as follows : " I am confident in certain selected

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Hospital of Philadelphia, Physiclan-in-charge and Superintendent

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health as the proper balance and interaction of all the various

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by the said committee at the time and place aforesaid, is whether the said John Henry

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(CMIC) reported that the company was celebrating its

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by proclaiming and practising against this unsexing en-

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weaklings at the most succumb, only shows his lack of personal

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This operation of nature, the spontaneous evolution, was first

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when the new system was adopted, and this j r ear two of the London hospitals,

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lived effects), these operations are by no means without


peo untpumnyp 34 ponne byb • p ip jyp peo untpumnep

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organisation in the subcutaneous method. It moderates

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ment. One serious objection to the electrical treat-

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and a well-timed venesection not unfr^uendy prevents a threatening

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ing one that gave any positive improvement in vision.

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accident have come under my notice, one of which, that of a farmer shot

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The reason is because the orthodiagraph projects a silhouette of

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