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pital, and took the degree of M.D. at Edinburgh in 1S23.
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other abundant sources of constitutionally morbid influences;
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(-01 per cent.), a certain amount of albumen, and showing,
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of Dr. Edwards. A young man, a drinking individual, aged twenty-seven
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as that described is most often seen in the hereditary type,
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poorness." This, if true, must have been prior to July 9th. We
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irregularity of the heart's action, altered secretion of the kidneys. Are they
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further interviews; but the information already obtained from the above-
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panied by the catarrhal form, the nutritive state of the patient usually
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Jack Mooresmith provides the best legal counsel we could possibly find anywhere.
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safe medicine, and is beheved to be as go xl a diffusible
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vascular system, it is obvious that there can be no intra-cranial disor-
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cases is still too small, and the conclusions are directly
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governing its skilful and profitable, or unprofitable, use.
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ray of mirth shining through the wreck of such storms
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difficulty in commencing to utter a word, and exhibits obvious effort. He
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when Eurymachus says, "no one will lay hands on Telemachus while I
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leave of absence for two months on account of sickness, by
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are rightly included under ichthyosis hystrix. In its most marked form
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possess over material objects. And we must remember with
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the size of the vessel. Such trouble is usually assigned to one of three
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opening may be cut in the thickest part of the casing, the
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with flannel, linen, or with simple metallic plates. It is probable that every
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supplied with lymphoid tissue except the tonsillar region, and it is
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fever, scarlatina, sm^-pox, and other specific fevers ; towards the fatal
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which betnovate cream is used for removing pimples
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only in exceptional instances that they do good (as in eczema D■l^
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lateral or bilateral, and may be genetically deter-
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film punch, and an automatic typing unit. The copying machine has decreased
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Progress is rapid in surgery, especially in our im-
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On the 15th of March, therefore, three weeks from his entrance into the
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Bladder and Haematuria. By J. Barris, F.Pi.C.S. ... ... ... 275
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Very rarely an affection presenting similar appearances exists upon other parts
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greatest amount of oxygen is designated the peroxide. The inter-
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fairly numerous instances of death having been caused by inhala-
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friends and whilom classmates, Drs. K. P. Easley and U. S. Hon.
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places in the other case there are alveoli filled with regu-
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a laminar flow hopd where doses can be aseptically withdrawn, high-level
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mucilaginous materials in the patient's drink. It is best to let th^

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