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personnel i.e., professional nurses, could be better employed to per-
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Provides that in order to control unauthorized prescriptions all
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soluble in ether, and appeared irregularly granular under the micro-
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Hospital Service, October 1, 1883, to December 31st,
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tension which they may lose with life." Besides, if transuda-
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pounds exclusively may be blamed by the disgruntled patient
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and projected five inches from the surrounding surface. It
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is an uncommon affection. Primary myositis independent of
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cases are based upon the 93 to 94 percent of the total reported
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New Jersey, 315 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08618. Editor, Arthur Krosnick, M.D., 315 West
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life insurance protection currently is in force on the lives of
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there is a considerable number generally met with by the sides,
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Breathtaking grounds include lighted tennis and paddle ball
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of age itself, as opposed to the availability and utilization of
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the foot varies greatly from time to time, even when walking,
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referred to are sufl&cient to destroy the hypothesis that the
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to the piles, and to such profuse sweats in the night, as to be
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sactions, was also shown to the Society at the same meeting,
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King3 (1907) also attribute to this natural cure the improvement in
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duty at Fort Douglas, Utah. (Par." 3, S O. No. 109,
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swelling on the sterno-mastoid of infants, and in the manifes-
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U. campestris. Both again appealed in February. Lophoceratomyia
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difference being that, as regards the lymph of the oviparous vertebrata,
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no sign of diminution ; the tube had been removed and the
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=' Phil. Trans. 17J9, xxxvi, 1007. '' Researches, Physiol, and Anat. ii, pp.
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to be found in oviparous ones, fishes, nor the amphibia : this
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in addition to the increased responsiveness of the bronchial
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knee-jerk or ankle-clonus. The muscles did not react so easily

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