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was now very much increased and a pulsating tumour was observed at

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Breuer observed actiDomycosis during the latter portion of winter and early

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In the words of one of our great thinkers This Avas the world

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in jest is a cruelty which cannot be too strongly condemned.

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and run by professional men. and nominally e lt lite lt l

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rial for filling our journal. We never found our exchanges so

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Changes in the constitution of the blood have often been observed

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On examining the valvular vegetations with the aid of the micro

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maxillary palpi. Eyes very large frequently beauti

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water or even frequently repeated steeping of the head and. tem

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intermittently constipated followed by attacks of diarrhr a with pas

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in per cent. and with the first attack in only three of

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dose at St must be small and the increase must be cautious and

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giving rise to the characteristic symptom of the dis

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ration. The upper part of the trachea is composed of

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both sexes during the season of their amours. The semi

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in the blood septicaemia of swine. A similar bacillus is also

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wing that projects to the right of the main building. In this

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convulsions or fits. He has never had vertigo in any

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become strong enough to push itself up into the waking

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of the sigmoid flexure declared that for three months he had noticed his

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dependent upon a chronic interstitial nephritis or on

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try liospital a hospital for towns and a hospital for

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germ or does this loss of the electric fluid constitute

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who are hereditarily predisposed to the disease of its supervening upon a

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lameness in any of the joints below the hips such as that

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that this is the case outside of such pathological condi

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left side. There was no vestige of the left lung the left Bide

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Hospital at Dundee capable of accommodating sixty patients.

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with a chill and complained of headache and a pain in the left

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h osely above tends to lift the abdominal organs. She

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was removed in case and necrosed bone in case resection was

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the front of the body of the second lumbar vertebra

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useful part enlarged by sympathizing with the general

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some two years ago. The writer has visited him often during

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occurred running the usual course but with severe vomit

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year. Such interviews must be scheduled in advance at the initiative of the

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proportionately more than an adult. Stout people require less

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