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suffered but little for several years prior to the present attack.
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cautery along the side of the sjiine, in addition to
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Thomas Alexander Forsyth (1929). Thomas Alexander Forsyth.
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irrigations, &c*, had failed. In some of the cases the reduction
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sorbed and adjusted in dissimilar form by the local special
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exhibits what Trousseau designates mutability, suddenly
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and the constant nursing of devoted relatives and friends. Coin-
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from that affection in the human subject, which bears the same
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met the doctor, who informs me that the symptoms are much
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they illustrate any phase of the subject, they have been
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Rare ; specimens from the eastern part of the stale by B. C. Buf-
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of the patient, or a sufficient prolongation to produce an inflam-
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is markedly impaired. If supplementary potassium is
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of thyroid preparations. Nevertheless, there is an extensive field in bron-
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be produced by a#ls taken into the stomach, eqieci&lly
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is believed to behave like a colloid. One of the recent supporters of this
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The results of our investigations suggest that the lower rate for
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with chisel. Offensive granulations were removed. Both antra were

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