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parts of the surface at the end of the operation expressed a

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sometimes observed in severe epidemics the survival of the few

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is glass and there is lass For instance among our household

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Approximate Solubility in Cold Water 2 1 2 gr. to 1 oz.

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watch papers very ingeniously and will also cut the likeness of

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before the first process of digestion commences which can only

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Lithotripsy. At a meeting of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Paris

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introduction of the instrument in order to determine the precise

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established and there is no resting place for mind short of de

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digested although not sensibly differing from its un

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The people of this town are very fond of bargains so there was

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they experience are merely nervous and will readily yield to a

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labor is highly appreciated and constantly used at the present

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never persevered in a judicious course of medicine though she had been

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capsule which is hyalin clear homogeneous refractive and not taking

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mother s milk. Physicians and Surgeons Investigator.

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had been mixed with nearly an equal amount of raw milk. The

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milksickness in numerous localities where the poison ivy grows in

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tal sufferings began to be affected with the same disease situa

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blood it was found as pointed out by others that an initial leucopenia

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so much pride direct its energies toward the subject of fire

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the accident but I think it questionable whether it would not

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son to be placed entirely to the account of the nervous sys

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the view that the opsonic substances in most normal and immune sera

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the reason for the infroquency of the prescription of mineral

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In regard to temperature this country affords a vast field for

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eral ligaments at least the external one and a portion of the skin

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DOSE OF WINE OF COCA. One wineglassful three times daily.

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of the organs of the head chest or abdomen this morbid change

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would shortly occur at his urgent request I undertook to try some

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os uteri. After two hours the opposing rigidity was found 1 In

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produced by the quickened circulation which for a short time succeeds the

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the medical skill in my reach to go on and accordingly gave

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rule. Independent however of this the power which presides

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contains three white little stony bodies of great specific gravity very hard

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physiology and pathology that there is no action of the human

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knowledge concerning these parasites is given. It would therefore

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verge of perfection yet the field is wide open and much re

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It was therefore deemed advisable to test the cultures as to acidity

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Fever Diphtheria Membranous and Diphtheritic Croup Typhoid Typhus and Typho

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cutaneous and subcutaneous lesions blastomycetes in sputum and pus several

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tion was afterwards encouraged by warm napkins for twenty

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chronic inflammatory changes which may lead to errors

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opinion. The question is the subject of other investigations already

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break in the family. A dog receiving milk from the same cattle

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B in corresponding with Advertisers please be sure and mention this Journal.

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enough it fails to have an appreciable effect and indeed not

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bows reduce the womb when displaced Professor Antony in

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our attention upon the organs most closely connected with the one diseased

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this lotion to be diluted with two teaspoonfuls of tepid water and

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that are chemically and botanically similar are entirely free of it and

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fic treasures should be immediately accessible to us through the

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allowed to place herself in any position and at the time of the

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characteristic and in view of this fact and of our ignorance of the

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recovered. These systemic cases are very similar in their clinical aspect and gross

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have been especially on the lookout for them that if our attention were

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long attaining a growth of but six to twelve feet. There

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highly pathogenic for guinea pigs. Rabbits are far more resistant to

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the surface. The stained specimens gave diplococcus forms and

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come the sedative effects of the chloroform are modified by the

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cases of hypertrophy of the kidneys be the cause of the hyper

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A few patients we treated with Aconite some with Veratrum

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mixture. Slight but typical symptoms after 15 minutes.

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succeed in all cases but whilst it would prove serviceable in some

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Chart a. Effect of reaction on opsonin of rabbit serum.

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cultivated upon artificial media. Hence it would seem that the less

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been fully dilated and it should be used cautiously after the head

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follow. There is a disagreement between writers as to whether

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only hemolysing colonies were found and had not the coccus which was

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or powers thus instituted must be endowed with some character

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ik In things essential unity in things doubtful liberty in all

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and circumstances would allow. Its length was 19 inches from

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ous process of stewing or boiling human beings alive and will

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Section. No palpable glands observed beneath the skin. No odor of a sweetish

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of bro iti.3 on examination with stethoscope no tenderness of

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the mucous membrane it is followed in about twenty or thirty

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and their work speaks eloquently in their praise. This fact

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of potash it gave a heavy dense yellow precipitate.

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different farms and consequently hundreds of different cows. The

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always and invariably up to them and though the times the

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B. typhosus L i isolated at Lister Institute 1907 from feces.

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above results are worthy of serious attention and serve unfor

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urine of the children experimented upon while atropine

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any unpleasant symptoms. I believe the finger applied to the

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starvation the stomach is inflamed as if reaction took place

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cause it contains blood vessels is subject to ulceration granula

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menstrual period as is presented early after conception. It is a

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lable protein by trypsin a specimen digested over 16 months still

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preservations of the human body have occurred as that of

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edges and under surface. Litmus paper applied to the tongue

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of the above case are 1st. What was the immediate cause of

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bacteria per gram moist feces correspond to 0.062 gm. of bacterial dry

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inflictions of a regular mercurial salivation a systematic course

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these two genera as representing primitive trypanosomes and hence

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down. Their gait was stiff and the fore legs were sometimes

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probably an infection of some kind and may be brought

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the dangers of gangrene. Let us confine our investigations to

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amputation he lost only two patients. The circular incision was in every

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biological fixation of nitrogen is done by

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The translator concludes by the following very just remark

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tendance what operation they proposed and with what inten

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last in the evening of her first child. Nothing unusual occurr

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hemorrhoidal tumours properly so called were not produced.

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vessels and lymphatics the free admission of atmospheric air

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in the sediment may when some reliable means of interpretation

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tubes it rapidly digests the casein without the formation of acid.

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by Dr. R. Coates of Philadelphia who has certainly suggested

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these organs or some of them being often found deeply affected.

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gina moist the lower segment of the uterus relaxed and fluctua

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to the desire of retaining the business of the patient in hand.

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came the cruel hide again and smarting with pain the poor

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account a third paroxysui supervened which I witnessed and

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gas bubbles the so called stormy fermentation and a distinct butyric acid odor

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But there is another view of the proportion of cause to effect

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This substance may be employed as an excellent substitute

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in the Pus of Syphilitic Chancres that although he has never

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high up in the urethra from the lack of the most perfect means

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a manner that the vibrations which the chain of ossicula have imparted to

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deed a large majority in good society and even amongst the

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Abraham Lincoln died of milksickness at Pigeon Creek in southern

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the spermatozoids might pass through from the uterus to this

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Hessler R. Preliminary Note on an Almost Extinct Native Disease Trembles or

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Rubed his face with kart grese lyniment aged 39 yers of age.

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phimosis and in neither instance was there anything abnormal

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alone which determines the greater infectivity of bacilli of animal

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we admire the zeal which Professor Jackson displays on the

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cytic for cocci and leucocytes especially those containing cocci were

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tions on the present cases it would appear that the exact histology of

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upwards and outwards and the molar teeth depressed below

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analysis..the qua DO small for him to ascertain all its

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of nutritive material to prevent a waste taking place in the

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there is no tendency in the parts to become again displaced. The carpus

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