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sobriety and cleanliness — seeking the open and free air dur-

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always a degree of languor and disinclination for exercise

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living it credit It was for a time supposed that a substitute had

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tiona, diarrhoea, dysentery, diseases of the lirer and stomach, dropsy, scrofulous

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Next to a tax upon food, the most injurious to the public

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One of these medicines, or some combination of them should be exhib-

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deep asore-blue colour, the smell of ammonia, and an astringent metal-

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more elegant bj the addition of a few drops of acetic acid, or a little

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more especially directed to the vital properties of sensibility and mnscu-

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A Fluid Extract (Extractum Pruni Yirginianjb Fluidum, U, &)

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an affinity beyond that of any other body in nature, and capable of being

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half naked rather than take a covering of Manchester cotton

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frequently repeated, and spread over a considerable length of time. The

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<lominating after long exposure. Their solution, which reddens litmus,

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logue, having been trnnBferred from the secondary, where it previously

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[phenomena. It has been too common to treat them by the nervous »tii]

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turity under the burning heat of the tropics contain not only

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Ikey had missed the paroxysms, and, at the es^ of the two years^ were

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a partial oxidation. The dose is the same as that of the preceding pr

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MIYA: Our singly caged mice are placed in complete wire

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is also characterized by emaciation, especially of the face, and by a

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weak stomachs, in which wheat would be still more indigest-

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is such, that much larger doses are required than under ordinary circum-

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inky or ferruginous taste, very soluble in water, and insoluble in alcohol.

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often useful, I shall have occasion directly to refer to a condition of i

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kidneys are variously affected. In the greater numl^er of instances their

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The abuse, consequently, of wines and malt liquors is more apt to cause

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Hyoscyamus, if it do not fulfil both, has certainly no effect in restrain-

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vsfj sseluL It maj eren be emploTed in these affMlions, in some is-

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ring in paroxysms at regular intervals. Musk always controlled the

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•Bj cuhiTaled in our gardens as an ornamental plant They are used

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of the two salts employed is usually three grains of the acetate of lead

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disease, rather than lay out their share of the expense of the

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and as a dressing for ulcers by gently com pressi tig them, and gradually

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able, but we, the doctors, are so fallible, ever beset

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